NatGeo Your Shot Assignment: World Without Energy

May 2014 Boracay Sunset - 11

Can you imagine yourself living in a world without energy? If in an alternate world, there’s no fuel available to transport us, we would probably be riding bicycles. Or we could be riding a calesa (a horse-drawn carriage) as a means of public transportation. Continue reading “NatGeo Your Shot Assignment: World Without Energy”

Around La Trinidad, Benguet

Fresh strawberries at La Trinidad, Benguet

It was Strawberry Festival when we went to La Trinidad, Benguet. Well, it’s not only during Strawberry Festival where you’ll see strawberries being sold around since there are a lot of strawberry farms in the province of Benguet. I saw this in front of the La Trinidad Municipal Hall. Continue reading “Around La Trinidad, Benguet”

Sugarfree: Paalam Pilipinas

Sugarfree Farewell Concert - 82
Ebe Dancel

Me and Sha went to the farewell concert of Sugarfree last night. Good thing, we were able to get a spot in the front. It was still challenging to take photos though because there were taller photographers in front of us. I used my Canon EOS 500D and my 50mm lens throughout the night. 🙂 Continue reading “Sugarfree: Paalam Pilipinas”

Waterfalls at Mambukal Resort

1st waterfalls at Mambukal Resort
First waterfalls

Taking photos of waterfalls is included in my photography bucket list. I was glad that the weather was good during our visit to Mambukal resort because we may not have trekked if it was bad. Continue reading “Waterfalls at Mambukal Resort”

Bacolaodiat 2011

Bacolaoiat Parade - 2
Bacolaodiat Parade

There’s so much to discover in the Philippines. One of which is the Bacolaodiat. Bacolaodiat is a festival celebrating the Chinese New Year in Bacolod City. There were street parades, street dance competitions, concerts and a lot of activities. Continue reading “Bacolaodiat 2011”