Stunning Views from the Jetty Terminal

Purple bluish skies at the Jetty Terminal

Last Friday, I went a bit earlier to Mall of Asia’s Jetty Terminal (just near One Esplanade) so that I can take some photos there.

Yes, I was that enthusiastic to take photos that I got to the terminal from the “restricted area”. Well, it didn’t say that the area is restricted since there were no signs. I just looked for the nearest possible entrance from One Esplanade. Hehe.

Jetty Terminal Sunset
Jetty Terminal with the ferry docked

The good thing is that the security guard was very polite. 😀

The Bridge near the Jetty Terminal
The bridge near the Jetty Terminal

Anyway, most point-and-shoot cameras have a Sunset mode. Try to make use of it in your photos and you will see the amazing results. You can also experiment with post-processing if you want your photo to have a different feel to it. 😉

Manila Bay Sunset
Boat Men

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