My 2016 Best Nine Photos on Instagram

2016 Best 9 Instagram

Here are some random observations, learnings and comments on my best 9 photos on Instagram:

1. Everfilter
I discovered this filter while I was browsing Instagram. I tried it on various landscape photos. I would say that this filter works best if you’ll be using it on a photo taken during the day and if it’s shot outdoor.

2. Coldplay
Everyone was going crazy looking for concert tickets. I thought I won’t be able get a chance to watch the concert until I got a LiveNation presale code and was able to buy a couple of tickets online.

3. My Sister Graduating MBA
Yes, family milestones are the best.

4. Photo with JaDine
Do I need an explanation for this? They’re the hottest love team and they have an active fanbase online.

5. Food Porn
The higher fat or sugar content, the more likes it will generate. 😀

6. Costa Pacifica
Costa Pacifica is a picturesque resort in Baler. One night is definitely not enough.

7. Super Moon
On the night of the Super Moon, I went out for a run. It might not look as big as the other photos but it was exceptionally bright that night even with the city lights on.

8. 10km Finisher Medal
I’ve joined a number of fun runs this year. Hopefully, I could join more in 2017.

9. Bamboo Concert at NAIA Terminal 2
This is actually one of my favorite photos that I took this year. Bamboo had a concert at NAIA Terminal 2 sponsored by Philippine Airlines.. It was held last June 12, Independence Day and it was broadcasted live on Facebook.

All of the 8 photos out of 9 were shot with an iPhone. The other one (Bamboo concert) was shot with a Fujifilm X-E2 camera.

You can easily find out your 9 best (most liked) photos on Instagram by going to this website.

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