Running Scenes

Instead of taking a shoefie, portmanteau of shoe and selfie, I would usually find myself taking a photo after a long run of scenes around me. There are also rare instances that something would made me stop for a couple of minutes just to marvel at something and take a photo using my phone.

Good Friday jog #stravarun #stravaphoto #stravarunning #ig #igers
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NatGeo Your Shot Assignment: World Without Energy

May 2014 Boracay Sunset - 11

Can you imagine yourself living in a world without energy? If in an alternate world, there’s no fuel available to transport us, we would probably be riding bicycles. Or we could be riding a calesa (a horse-drawn carriage) as a means of public transportation. Continue reading “NatGeo Your Shot Assignment: World Without Energy”

NatGeo Your Shot Assignment: Road Trip

It was just recently that I have checked out NatGeo Your Shot and I find it inspiring to see photo assignments there. I haven’t submitted any photos yet but I looked for photos in my Flickr archives based on the theme Road Trip. Here are some places in the Philippines where you may want to take a road trip to:

Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Calesa along Calle Crisologo
Calle Crisologo in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

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The Straw Weaver at the BenCab Museum

The Straw Weaver at the BenCab Museum - 2

Upon our arrival at the BenCab museum, we thought of going first directly to Cafe Sabel to have our lunch. However, it would be nice to check out the galleries first. At the balcony, we saw a lady weaving straws. If ever you will be in BenCab Museum, I hope you can support her by buying some souvenirs (the ones made out of weaved straws). Continue reading “The Straw Weaver at the BenCab Museum”